Real Finalbetter known by her nickname, RelFin, is the brainchild of Skater Landau.



RelFin was created with a digestive system and no mouth by a god that wanted to watch a human starved to death in a world where humans have evolved to the point that they no longer have digestive systems or the ability to die by natural causes. She was sent down to earth and was rushed to a hospital by two unknown people after spending several hours in pain trying to scream with no prevail, everyone was talking about her and news outlets referred to her as the Real Final as she was the final person who will die of starvation and she was real. She was discharged from the hospital and told that she had a week to live as they had nothing that could help her, in a world where everyone is immortal no one ever thought that somebody could be born non immortal and thus no one prepared for such an event. She wandered the streets aimlessly not knowing where she would be going. She found a neon themed bar where they were serving various types of drinks and finger foods. This upset her, even if she had a mouth she wouldn't be able to eat any of the food because it was all made out of toxic chemicals and materials put together to emulate the taste and look of food.Feeling defeated she sat in the alleyway next to the back door of the bar crying until young man with blue hair came out of the back door and recognized her. He attempted to comfort her by saying kind words ending his sentence abruptly by giving her a hug, her tears stopped. He introduced himself "Hi my name is Calvin" she waved in reply "do you want to see what I do when I feel sad?" he said to her, she nodded in reply "follow me". He brought her to his house, his whole house was one singular room with a very interesting theme. They walked into the room "I know right, breathtaking, this room was designed to look and feel like this thing called the 80's, legend has it the 80s was a period in time where everything looked like this" he pointed around the room to his neon posters featuring grids, purple hues, and colorful outfits. He kept calling her Real Final and suggested that she choose something she liked and preferably something shorter, she came up with RelFin "perfect" Calvin said, next he introduced her to music of his favorite genre "synth-pop" she was blown away by it and told him via pen and paper that she wanted to learn how to make songs. They went to a music store and she picked out and decided on her favorite instrument, the piano. On their way out after purchasing the keyboard a girl with red hair walked up to them and asked if they were in a band, RelFin knowing what a band was because Calvin told her look to Calvin, somehow without her saying any words he knew exactly what she was thinking, she wanted to create a band. Calvin informed the red haired girl that they were looking to start a band and she asked if she could join, Calvin looked to RelFin and she nodded, after conversing they started walking back to Calvin's place, "oh by the way my name is Chloe" yelled the red-haired girl. They all met up during the following days and practiced, Calvin introduced his yellow haired girlfriend named Dawn to RelFin and Chloe and before they knew it the four of them were jamming together in perfect harmony, Calvin signed the band up to play at a venue and during band breaks, RelFin would explorer the world, she found an interest in roller skating and wished she had more time on Earth to learn how to skate but before she could cry or even be sad her friends were there to support her, she also encountered a squirrel on one of her walks and was able to pet it before having to rush back to Calvin's place to practice. After days of practice they had made a song and came up with a great name for their band "Roller Squirrel". It was RelFin's second to last day on Earth but she didn't even realize it as she was having so much fun . They rushed to the venue where they were told that they could not perform because they were short one member, they were all sad, all this time of working together and they couldn't even perform their song, they were about to walk all the way back to Calvin's place before a boy with pink hair said from behind them "do you need a drummer?" his name was David and that's all he had to say for them to instantly add him to the band, they were able to get into the venue. Calvin asked David if he would be able to keep up with the song, David nodded. They went on stage and performed something beautiful. RelFin was on piano, Calvin was on the triangle, Chloe was on guitar, Dawn was on violin, and David was on the drums. Even though David was not there for all the practices somehow he felt like he fit right in. Perfect harmony. After the show RelFin fainted off stage, she woke up in the hospital surrounded by her friends, she felt weak and didn't realize how much pain she was actually in, she was just having too much fun. It was not long before she would pass away, Calvin who was to her right held her hand, then Chloe who was to her left held her other hand, dawn and David stood at the foot of the bed hands on the rim, RelFin was so happy to have made such good friends and accomplished an ambitious goal during her life, she closed her eyes slowly embracing death feeling eternally grateful. That was until the ceiling to the hospital room disappeared, clouds appeared in place of the ceiling and the voice of the God who gave RelFin life spoke, "I wanted to see a human suffer and starve to death for my own amusement, but you didn't suffer, you made friends and accomplished more then I thought was possible of you, for that I grant you immortality." the ceiling returned to normal and the hospital monitors showed that RelFin had gotten better and was going to live forever, her friends rejoiced. RelFin may be mouthless but she continues hanging out with her friends making music and having fun together for the rest of forever.


Creation (real-world)

RelFin was created by Skater Landau in an attempt to create a new original character as a mascot for her Twitter at the time, RelFin had many design and color variations until Skater found the perfect design and to make sure she knew which one of the hundreds of different variations she named the image RelFin.png because the previous variation was called Final.png but since she preferred this one she called it the real final. RelFin's design at the time was far different from how she looks today. RelFin was fully created on ‎(Sunday, ‎February ‎21, ‎2016), Skater's Minecraft skin at the time was possibly a first attempt a creating this character. The likeness of Skater's IRL friends Calvin, Chloe, Dawn, and David were used in RelFin's backstory due to the importance of those friends in Skater's life. 

Real "RelFin" Final

Real-world designer(s)

Creator (real-world)

    Skater Landau


 • Skater Landau

 • Alouisse Ver​

Biographical overview


    17 years


    New Human

Birth Defects

    No mouth

Physical description




    162 cm (5' 4')





Eyebrow Color



    Very pale orange


    Dark Grey


 • Black shirt

 • Blue jeans

 • Black boots

Character traits


 • Making new friends

 • Creating music

 • Animals

 • 80's aesthetic


 • Anything bad

Skater Landau